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USL Championship Form Table

USL Championship Form (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS G15 km15
1Colorado Switchbacks6510123+916221189
2Pittsburgh Riverhounds6510125+716410
3San Diego Loyal6420146+81442423
4New Mexico United6411126+613411373
5Sacramento Republic641174+313130
6Miami FC6402117+412314080
7Rio Grande Valley FC632197+211410
8Memphis 90163121511+410510
9Charleston Battery6312108+210420
10FC Tampa Bay Rowdies63121111010321202
11Orange County SC631267-11023496
12Indy Eleven6222119+28422549
13El Paso Locomotive622269-38322659
14San Antonio FC61411310+37432340
15FC Tulsa6213109+17400
16Birmingham Legion621356-17221403
17Louisville City FC6213911-2743518
18Detroit City FC6213611-5702847
19Phoenix Rising613297+26431916
20Monterey Bay6114814-64410
21Oakland Roots6024814-62510
22Hartford Athletic6024515-102300
23Las Vegas Lights FC6015512-71310
24Loudoun United6015513-81412414
USL Championship Form (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS G15 km15
1Pittsburgh Riverhounds10721189+923510
2San Diego Loyal106222011+92052423
3Colorado Switchbacks106221911+820621189
4Orange County SC10622158+72033496
5FC Tampa Bay Rowdies106131916+319621202
6Charleston Battery106131310+319420
7Sacramento Republic10613129+319330
8Indy Eleven105321712+518622549
9New Mexico United105231712+517611373
10Detroit City FC105231315-21732847
11Phoenix Rising104421610+616631916
12Miami FC105051512+315414080
13Rio Grande Valley FC104331212015510
14El Paso Locomotive104331011-115422659
15Memphis 901104241916+314710
16Monterey Bay104241316-314610
17Birmingham Legion104151113-213421403
18Louisville City FC104151518-31373518
19San Antonio FC101721412+210532340
20FC Tulsa103161517-210800
21Oakland Roots101271221-95810
22Las Vegas Lights FC101271424-105710
23Loudoun United101181120-94712414
24Hartford Athletic100281127-162600
USL Championship Form (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS
1Pittsburgh Riverhounds6600156+9184
2New Mexico United6411148+6134
3Sacramento Republic641182+6130
4Orange County SC641172+5131
5Indy Eleven6402114+7122
6Charleston Battery640274+3122
7FC Tampa Bay Rowdies6402119+2124
8San Diego Loyal6321147+7114
9Phoenix Rising6321125+7114
10Detroit City FC632175+2112
11Memphis 9016312127+5103
12San Antonio FC6240127+5103
13Birmingham Legion631286+2102
14Rio Grande Valley FC631287+1103
15Miami FC6303118+392
16Colorado Switchbacks623196+394
17Louisville City FC623198+195
18Monterey Bay6204710-363
19El Paso Locomotive6123811-355
20FC Tulsa6114511-644
21Las Vegas Lights FC6105815-734
22Oakland Roots6024711-424
23Loudoun United6024512-724
24Hartford Athletic6015718-1113
USL Championship Form (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts BTTS
1FC Tampa Bay Rowdies6411149+5134
2Orange County SC6411127+5133
3Colorado Switchbacks6402118+3123
4Pittsburgh Riverhounds632185+3112
5Sacramento Republic631298+1104
6San Diego Loyal631287+1102
7El Paso Locomotive631256-1101
8Miami FC630385+392
9Indy Eleven62311110+195
10Phoenix Rising622266082
11Memphis 901622289-184
12Charleston Battery622278-183
13Monterey Bay622269-383
14FC Tulsa62131110+175
15Detroit City FC6213713-672
16San Antonio FC613276+163
17Rio Grande Valley FC613279-264
18Louisville City FC6204913-464
19Oakland Roots6204813-565
20Birmingham Legion6204511-662
21New Mexico United612368-254
22Loudoun United6105710-334
23Las Vegas Lights FC6024611-523
24Hartford Athletic6015414-1013

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Goals scored and conceded (Last 10)
1Pittsburgh Riverhounds1899275/10 (50%)7/10 (70%)1/10 (10%)4/10 (40%)24
2San Diego Loyal20119315/10 (50%)3/10 (30%)6/10 (60%)3/10 (30%)25
3Colorado Switchbacks19118306/10 (60%)8/10 (80%)2/10 (20%)4/10 (40%)42
4Orange County SC1587233/10 (30%)6/10 (60%)3/10 (30%)5/10 (50%)39
5FC Tampa Bay Rowdies19163356/10 (60%)7/10 (70%)3/10 (30%)3/10 (30%)19
6Charleston Battery13103234/10 (40%)8/10 (80%)2/10 (20%)5/10 (50%)33
7Sacramento Republic1293213/10 (30%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)45
8Indy Eleven17125296/10 (60%)4/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)3/10 (30%)32
9New Mexico United17125296/10 (60%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)2/10 (20%)34
10Detroit City FC1315-2283/10 (30%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)4/10 (40%)26
11Phoenix Rising16106266/10 (60%)4/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)3/10 (30%)45
12Miami FC15123274/10 (40%)3/10 (30%)7/10 (70%)3/10 (30%)39
13Rio Grande Valley FC12120245/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)22
14El Paso Locomotive1011-1214/10 (40%)5/10 (50%)3/10 (30%)4/10 (40%)35
15Memphis 90119163357/10 (70%)3/10 (30%)7/10 (70%)1/10 (10%)26
16Monterey Bay1316-3296/10 (60%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)2/10 (20%)34
17Birmingham Legion1113-2244/10 (40%)4/10 (40%)6/10 (60%)2/10 (20%)40
18Louisville City FC1518-3337/10 (70%)4/10 (40%)6/10 (60%)1/10 (10%)24
19San Antonio FC14122265/10 (50%)3/10 (30%)4/10 (40%)4/10 (40%)25
20FC Tulsa1517-2328/10 (80%)5/10 (50%)4/10 (40%)2/10 (20%)16
21Oakland Roots1221-9338/10 (80%)6/10 (60%)4/10 (40%)0/10 (0%)15
22Las Vegas Lights FC1424-10387/10 (70%)3/10 (30%)7/10 (70%)0/10 (0%)30
23Loudoun United1120-9317/10 (70%)5/10 (50%)5/10 (50%)1/10 (10%)19
24Hartford Athletic1127-16386/10 (60%)2/10 (20%)8/10 (80%)0/10 (0%)23
Key to column names
  • F - Goals "for" (scored)
  • A - Goals "against" (conceded)
  • GD - Goal difference (F - A)
  • MG - Match goals (F + A)

  • BTTS - Both Teams to Score (number of games, max 10)
  • SF - Team to Score First (number of games, max 10)
  • CF - Team to Concede First (number of games, max 10)

  • CS - Clean Sheets (number of games, max 10)
  • TF - Mean Time of First Goal (in minutes, by either side)

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players (Last 10)
Pos TeamPts SP Pl
1Pittsburgh Riverhounds231921
2San Diego Loyal201521
3Colorado Switchbacks201725
4Orange County SC201727
5FC Tampa Bay Rowdies191521
6Charleston Battery191924
7Sacramento Republic192023
8Indy Eleven181822
9New Mexico United172022
10Detroit City FC171921
11Phoenix Rising161721
12Miami FC151721
13Rio Grande Valley FC152226
14El Paso Locomotive151522
15Memphis 901141722
16Monterey Bay141622
17Birmingham Legion131720
18Louisville City FC131923
19San Antonio FC102025
20FC Tulsa102022
21Oakland Roots51723
22Las Vegas Lights FC51723
23Loudoun United42028
24Hartford Athletic22124
Key to column names
  • Pts - Team points
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes

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