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2023 Australia NPL Northern NSW Table

2023 Australia NPL Northern NSW
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Lambton Jaffas2214444827+2146
2Broadmeadow Magic2214356126+3545
3Charlestown Azzurri2214263522+1344
4Maitland FC2212466023+3740
5Weston Workers2211654930+1939
6Edgeworth Eagles2210574033+735
7Hamilton Olympic2210393536-133
8Cooks Hill United FC229584134+732
9Valentine Phoenix2274112940-1125
10Adamstown Rosebud2254132547-2219
11New Lambton2233162561-3612
12Lake Macquarie City2211202089-694
2023 Australia NPL Northern NSW (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD MG Pts
1Broadmeadow Magic117132812+164022
2Lambton Jaffas116322011+93121
3Charlestown Azzurri116141912+73119
4Cooks Hill United FC115332619+74518
5Edgeworth Eagles115331713+43018
6Hamilton Olympic11605212104218
7Maitland FC115243011+194117
8Weston Workers114522821+74917
9Valentine Phoenix113261417-33111
10Adamstown Rosebud113171121-103210
11New Lambton11119935-26444
12Lake Macquarie City1110101240-28523
2023 Australia NPL Northern NSW (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD MG Pts
1Lambton Jaffas118122816+124425
2Charlestown Azzurri118121610+62625
3Broadmeadow Magic117223314+194723
4Maitland FC117223012+184223
5Weston Workers11713219+123022
6Edgeworth Eagles115242320+34317
7Hamilton Olympic114341415-12915
8Cooks Hill United FC11425151503014
9Valentine Phoenix114251523-83814
10Adamstown Rosebud112361426-12409
11New Lambton112271626-10428
12Lake Macquarie City110110849-41571
2023 Australia NPL Northern NSW (Overall)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD MG Pts
1Lambton Jaffas2214444827+217546
2Broadmeadow Magic2214356126+358745
3Charlestown Azzurri2214263522+135744
4Maitland FC2212466023+378340
5Weston Workers2211654930+197939
6Edgeworth Eagles2210574033+77335
7Hamilton Olympic2210393536-17133
8Cooks Hill United FC229584134+77532
9Valentine Phoenix2274112940-116925
10Adamstown Rosebud2254132547-227219
11New Lambton2233162561-368612
12Lake Macquarie City2211202089-691094

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players
Pos TeamP SP P
1Lambton Jaffas22
2Broadmeadow Magic22
3Charlestown Azzurri22
4Maitland FC22
5Weston Workers22
6Edgeworth Eagles22
7Hamilton Olympic22
8Cooks Hill United FC22
9Valentine Phoenix22
10Adamstown Rosebud22
11New Lambton22
12Lake Macquarie City22
Key to column names
  • P - Games played this season
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • P - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes

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