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2023-2024 Women's Championship Table

2023-2024 Women's Championship
1Sunderland Women1710432313+1034
2Crystal Palace Women159334317+2630
3Southampton Women1710072819+930
4Charlton Women158612213+930
5Birmingham Women158252514+1126
6Durham Women175571932-1320
7Blackburn Women156181324-1119
8Sheffield Utd Women155282124-317
9London City Lionesses174491828-1016
10Reading Women143651419-515
11Lewes Women163491627-1113
12Watford Women153391830-1212
2023-2024 Women's Championship (Home)
1Sunderland Women95221410+42417
2Crystal Palace Women74122610+163613
3Birmingham Women84131410+42413
4Southampton Women84041110+12112
5Durham Women8404811-31912
6Charlton Women72411211+12310
7Reading Women8233610-4169
8Lewes Women9234814-6229
9London City Lionesses8224711-4188
10Sheffield Utd Women7214610-4167
11Blackburn Women7214513-8187
12Watford Women8125815-7235
2023-2024 Women's Championship (Away)
1Charlton Women8620102+81220
2Southampton Women9603179+82618
3Crystal Palace Women8521177+102417
4Sunderland Women852193+61217
5Birmingham Women7412114+71513
6Blackburn Women8404811-31912
7Sheffield Utd Women83141514+12910
8London City Lionesses92251117-6288
9Durham Women91531121-10328
10Watford Women72141015-5257
11Reading Women613289-1176
12Lewes Women7115813-5214
2023-2024 Women's Championship (Overall)
1Sunderland Women1710432313+103634
2Crystal Palace Women159334317+266030
3Southampton Women1710072819+94730
4Charlton Women158612213+93530
5Birmingham Women158252514+113926
6Durham Women175571932-135120
7Blackburn Women156181324-113719
8Sheffield Utd Women155282124-34517
9London City Lionesses174491828-104616
10Reading Women143651419-53315
11Lewes Women163491627-114313
12Watford Women153391830-124812

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players
Pos TeamP SP Pl
1Sunderland Women171622
2Crystal Palace Women152126
3Southampton Women172026
4Charlton Women151924
5Birmingham Women152027
6Durham Women171920
7Blackburn Women152227
8Sheffield Utd Women151931
9London City Lionesses172235
10Reading Women142031
11Lewes Women162225
12Watford Women152527
Key to column names
  • P - Games played this season
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes

See: Form Table