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2024 USL League One Table

2024 USL League One
Greenville Triumph SC106131811+719
Forward Madison FC8440166+1016
Union Omaha7511178+916
Charlotte Independence94231313014
One Knoxville8413107+313
Tormenta FC103341513+212
Spokane Velocity7313911-210
Richmond Kickers92341115-49
NC Hailstorm622267-18
10 Chattanooga72141218-67
11 Lexington7124614-85
12 Central Valley Fuego8116919-104
2024 USL League One (Home)
1Greenville Triumph SC531195+41410
2Charlotte Independence6312101002010
3Forward Madison FC422095+4148
4Tormenta FC521296+3157
5One Knoxville420243+176
6Spokane Velocity320134-176
8Union Omaha311154+194
9Richmond Kickers511359-4144
10NC Hailstorm110021+133
12Central Valley Fuego6015515-10201
2024 USL League One (Away)
1Union Omaha4400124+81612
2Greenville Triumph SC530296+3159
3Forward Madison FC422071+688
4One Knoxville421164+2107
6Richmond Kickers4121660125
7Tormenta FC512267-1135
8NC Hailstorm512246-2105
9Charlotte Independence311133064
10Spokane Velocity411267-1134
11Central Valley Fuego210144083
2024 USL League One (Overall)
Greenville Triumph SC106131811+72919
Forward Madison FC8440166+102216
Union Omaha7511178+92516
Charlotte Independence9423131302614
One Knoxville8413107+31713
Tormenta FC103341513+22812
Spokane Velocity7313911-22010
Richmond Kickers92341115-4269
NC Hailstorm622267-1138
10 Chattanooga72141218-6307
11 Lexington7124614-8205
12 Central Valley Fuego8116919-10284

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players
Pos TeamP SP Pl
1Greenville Triumph SC101721
2Forward Madison FC81621
3Union Omaha71622
4Charlotte Independence91626
5One Knoxville82022
6Tormenta FC101724
7Spokane Velocity71521
8Richmond Kickers91726
9NC Hailstorm61922
12Central Valley Fuego82228
Key to column names
  • P - Games played this season
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes

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